Mission Statement

The Free Identity Foundation will develop and implement open standards for identity management. TCP/IP was for computers; we now need TCP/ID for people.

Freedentity at #l33tm33t in Brussels

At the "Au Bon Vieux Temps", 12, Rue Marché aux Herbes, 1000 Brussels

We will have the mobile Transnational Immigration Office, so we can register citizens for the first transnational republic and give them Transnational ID cards! See UTNR for more info! EUR 15 for covering costs per ID Card. We need your national ID to verify.

1. L33tM33T At FOSDEM - where people meet to discuss, define and exchange info on decentralized solutions for the future. Based on projects like oStatus, Ushahidi, FREEdentity, Thimbl, Diaspora we all agree that the future of communication, digital life and meatspace is going to be decentralized.

At L33tM33T we want to bring together the architects, hackers and users of the upcoming decentralized world. That's why we do everything at the same time!

2. Sharism Presents Brussels
Let us know, by following us at @sharism you are coming, or just show up! Its a free and open event. Sharism Presents are events without slides and everyone shares one thing for an open discussion.

3. StatusCheck is a celebration of StatusNet and Free Network Services.

Come on out! Join us! Have a beer! Meet other people! Let's make a change.

Free Identity Fireside Chat

- spicy pasta, cool beer and even cooler champagne -

From 21:00 - Ledererstr. 10 - Munich - limited capacity - add yourself to the guestlist here

The Free Identity Foundation cordially invites DLD participants to join us for an evening with like-minded people.

You can add your name to the guest list here.

This event will take place in the heart of Munich. Let's discuss how we can transform identity into a decentralised, individually owned freedentity!